River’s Edge Nursing And Rehab

Based on facility documentation, the Pennsylvania Department of Health Event Reporting System and facility policies and procedures and interviews with staff, it was determined that the nursing home failed to implement its established policy the investigation of misappropriation of resident funds, and failed to report the allegation to the Department of Health in a timely manner, for one of 23 residents reviewed. Findings included the following: Review of facility policy, Abuse and Neglect: Identifying and Reporting, dated November 2005, defined misappropriation of resident property as the deliberate misplacement, exploitation, or wrongful, temporary or permanent use of resident’s money without the resident’s consent. Further review of the policy revealed that all allegations of misappropriation would be investigated to include obtaining statements from all involved parties (i.e. staff, visitors and residents) and the results of the investigation would be reopened to the state survey agency within five working days of the incident. Review of the clinical record for Resident R26 revealed a comprehensive Minimum Data Set dated June 23, 2014, indicating that the resident had BIMS. Review of a psychotherapy consult report, dated July 8, 2014, revealed Resident R26 reported a theft of three dollars to the psychotherapist, and that the theft upset the resident.

In review of the facility concern form, dated July 1, 2014, indicated that Resident R26 had withdrawn five dollars from a personal needs account on June 28,2014. The concern form further stated upon return from the bathroom, Resident R26 found money withdrawal receipt along with one dollar bill on the floor near the resident’s bedside table, and when the resident looked in the top drawer where the money was kept, the resident could not locate the remaining four dollars. Further review of the concern form and the clinical record for Resident R26 revealed no documentation of facility investigation into the allegation of monetary theft, and no documentation that statements were taken from staff. Review of the Electronic Reporting System revealed no evidence that the incident was reported electronically as required by state regulations.In an interview with the Nursing Home Administrator on August 26, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., confirmed that there was no documentation that a complete and thorough investigation into the allegation of misappropriation of money for Resident R26 was completed to the Pennsylvania Department of Health as required.

Based on observation, interviews with staff,review of clinical records, and facility documentation, it was determined that the nursing home failed to provide for an ongoing program of meaningful activities designed to meet the individual interests and the physical, mental psycho-social well-being of 5 of 23 residents reviewed. The findings included the following: Observations of all days of the survey on the second floor day plan located across from the second floor revealed that 15-20 residents sitting at several square tables were usually one staff member was present and little to no interactions were noted between the staff and the residents. The room itself was absent of any furnishings, other than necessary tables and chairs, or decorative, colorful or mentally stimulating accessories.