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Many couples turn to vasectomies for effective birth control. Usually, they do this after they’ve decided that their family is large enough or because they want to stop using other forms of birth control pills.

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Risks and Complications of Vasectomies

A vasectomy is a safe, simple procedure with little pain, but it comes with its own set of risks, just like any surgery. It should be considered a permanent method of birth control. It does not protect against STDs like Chlamydia or Syphilis. Complications are not common in this low-risk operation, but they do occur. If you recently had a vasectomy and are experiencing any of the following problems, contact your doctor immediately. Then, give our Philadelphia surgical error attorneys a call. We’ll let you know if you have been the victim of medical malpractice. Here is a list of possible complications from a vasectomy.

  • The procedure can fail. There is a waiting period during which the couple should use a second method of birth control to be safe. After the doctor performs a test for living sperm, the couple can enjoy sex without fear of pregnancy. On rare occasions the operation reverses itself naturally, but this is only in one of 10,000 cases.
  • Antibodies can be attracted to sperm that is no longer ejaculated or being absorbed by the body.
  • Hematomas occurring inside the scrotum can cause post-operative swelling, discoloration and pain. This usually dissipates in about a week.
  • Epididymitis is among the most common complications of a vasectomy. Epididymitis happens when the larger tube behind the testicle becomes inflamed and swollen. Heat and anti-inflammatory medications plus antibiotics can heal this condition in a week.
  • Blood may collect under the skin from internal bleeding that is usually painless. The penis and scrotum may swell and become discolored. The bruising will look worse than it actually is because the skin of the scrotum is very thin. Discoloration after a vasectomy is considered normal.
  • Allergic reactions to the local anesthetic may occur in the form of hives and itching. However, this is rare.
  • Post vasectomy pain or ache should be expected and can usually be lessened with over-the-counter acetaminophen, like Tylenol. Aspirin is not preferred because it thins the blood and can facilitate bleeding. Pain will generally go away within a few days, but a dull aching may last a bit longer.
  • Usually men who have had a vasectomy and their partners enjoy sex more than before the operation and are able to be more spontaneous. On occasion, a man might experience sexual side-effects. These are most-often emotional, not physical.
  • Blood that collects under the skin following vasectomy might become infected. This occurs in about 5 percent of all patients. These infections respond well to antibiotics, hot baths and antimicrobial creams.

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