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Prescription errors occur frequently in hospitals, convalescent homes, pharmacies and even at patients’ homes. They happen for various reasons, but one thing is certain, these errors cause serious injuries and can also result in death.

Three Common Prescription Errors Occur When:

  • Your doctor misdiagnoses your condition and prescribes the wrong medication
  • The pharmacy that filled the prescription gave you the wrong dose or the wrong medication
  • A nurse made an error while you were hospitalized

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If any of these prescription errors happened to you, you have grounds to file a case for medical malpractice against the healthcare provider. This entitles you to compensation for your medical fees and damages. Doctors, hospitals, nurses, and pharmacists must be held accountable for their errors that result in serious complications and wrongful deaths. Patients trust their healthcare professionals to treat their illnesses and injuries, not to cause more trauma.

These cases occur every day in the United States. Millions of unsuspecting folks endure severe medical complications from prescription errors annually. These errors cost billions of dollars. However, monetary losses aren’t the only consequences of prescription errors. They can also affect the patient’s quality of life, ability to earn a living, pain and suffering.

Patients in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area have relied on the experienced Philadelphia prescription error attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates to represent them in their quest for adequate, just compensation for medical malpractice. We can’t hurry your recuperation, but we can make sure you receive the proper compensation you deserve.

Philadelphia Prescription Error Attorney

Complications From Prescription Errors

More than 40 percent of prescription errors cause wrongful death. However, other problems are also inherent when prescription errors are made. These additional complications include:

  • Adverse systemic reactions
  • New medical problems
  • Extended time in the hospital
  • Higher risk of other medical complications

The simple truth is that these complications can be avoided completely if the physicians, nurses and pharmacists take care to give the correct medication and the correct dose. They must devote 100 percent of their attention to the patient. Doctors must make sure they have correctly identified the patient’s problem, and they must be aware of the patient’s history, to avoid prescription errors. Some common types of medication mistakes are:

  • Not telling patients about a drug’s side effects
  • Improper administration of the drug
  • Incorrect administration of the drug
  • Poor education of patients regarding their drugs

The sad part is that these issues can be avoided if the healthcare providers cautiously and properly treat their patients. Too many hospitals and physicians emphasize a high quantity of patients as opposed to a high quality of treatment. Serious injuries or death can result when doctors are given too many patients to handle.

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Medication errors don’t have to happen if healthcare professionals aren’t forced to hurry when prescribing, administering or telling their patients about the possible side effects of a medication. If a hospital or doctor makes medication errors that have injured you, the Philadelphia medication error attorneys at Rosenbaum & Associates will aggressively pursue your legal rights. Contact us for a free consultation.