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Unlike many law firms, our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers focus on medical malpractice and personal injury claims. Our dedication to injured medical error victims allows us to concentrate our energy and resources, and translates into success for our clients.

National top 100 trial lawyers

Consistently ranked among the top law firms across the nation.


Dedicated to providing personal attention to all our clients.


We take pride fighting for individuals, not big insurance companies.

National top 100 trial lawyers

Consistently ranked among the top law firms across the nation.


Dedicated to providing personal attention to all our clients.


We take pride fighting for individuals, not big insurance companies.



At Rosenbaum & Associates, our team of nationally recognized Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers represents clients who have suffered severe injuries from medical errors. Each medical malpractice lawyer at our Philadelphia law firm is determined to help malpractice victims and their families cope with the suffering and financial difficulties resulting from medical negligence.

Why Choose Rosenbaum & Associates’ Med Mal Lawyers

For over 25 years, our law firm has been successfully litigating medical malpractice claims throughout Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and New Jersey. We are available to take your call and help you figure out your legal options. Schedule your free consultation today with an experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney by filling out an online contact form or by calling our office at (215) 569-0200.

  • Our team is selected as one of the Top 10 Best Law Firms due to our client satisfaction.
  • Years of Success have helped us develop relationships with the top medical malpractice lawyers in the Nation.
  • If need be, our team is prepared to take you to trial.
  • We charge no fees unless we make a recovery. No payments or costs out of pocket.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice occurs when a physician or hospital provides substandard treatment or fails to properly diagnose a patient’s medical condition and this causes their condition to worsen or results in a new injury. Sometimes medical malpractice is caused by a doctor or hospital’s lack of thoroughness, such as failing to give the necessary test or performing an incomplete evaluation. However, simply because there was a poor result does not mean there was malpractice. On occasion, medical malpractice is obvious, but in the majority of cases, there are complex medical issues, which need to be thoroughly evaluated.

Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

To be considered to file a medical malpractice lawsuit your claim must have a few characteristics:

  • Violation of the Standard of Care – certain medical standards must be met by health care professionals and a legal professional can help you determine whether it was met or not.
  • Injury Resulted in Serious Damages – damages can include loss of income, emotional stress, medical expenses, unusual pain, and more.
  • Negligence Caused the Injury – the patient must prove that a medical professional was negligent when the injury was caused.

Why Do Medical Mistakes Occur?

  • Communication problems: This is one of the most common reasons medical errors take place, whether its a verbal miscommunication or written, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers with poor communication often results in mistakes.
  • Human Error: Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can make a simple human error that could cause a serious injury for a patient. This can happen if procedures aren’t followed or done efficiently. it can also happen if the individuals don’t have the proper knowledge.
  • Improper information flow: This can result in medical mistakes when facilities do not communicate with each other properly when a patient is transferred somewhere else.  Errors can also happen when
  • Patient-Related Problems: This can happen if there is an error with patient assessment, or if someone fails to get patient consent, as well as insufficient patience education.
  • Technical Difficulties: Sometimes, facilities use improper tools or failures with medical devices such as grafts, or pieces of equipment.

Examples of Medical Malpractice:

  • Failure to Diagnose
  • Unnecessary Surgical Procedure
  • Failure to recognize symptoms
  • Improper medication
  • Poor aftercare process
  • Disregarding Patient History
  • Not ordering the proper tests
  • Misinterpreting lab results

How Our Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help

Many victims don’t realize that their injury was caused by medical error, that is why calling an experienced and qualified medical malpractice lawyer to investigate will help you get the answers you deserve. Rosenbaum & Associates offers free consultations and we will not charge a fee unless we win your case, meaning you will not pay anything out of pocket. Give us a call and schedule a free case evaluation today. (215) 569-0200. We have offices across Pennsylvania including, Philadelphia, Springfield, Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Trevose, and Cherry Hill.

“They treated me like family. If I could I would give them 100 Stars!”


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$6 Million

For a child and his family when a hospital's delay in doing emergency C-section caused oxygen deprivation leading to severe developmental delays.

Over $5 Million

For man who who had congenital spinal disease became partially paralyzed after receiving steroid injection in his back.

$1.2 Million

Young girl misdiagnosed with Asthma when she actually had a rare viral infection leading to systemic failure and death. Defendant contested liability and stated that it the symptoms at time of presentation did not indicate a virus.

Over $400,000

For an elderly nursing home resident after nursing home failed to prevent and treat bed sores that became late stage requiring surgery.


No fees | No risk | Full recovery

Proving your case

Our experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys believe it is critical to evaluate your medical malpractice claim with the best specialists in the field. Often times, several different medical experts are retained in order to evaluate and substantiate your case. Two elements must be established to pursue a medical malpractice claim: first, we must prove the doctor’s treatment fell below the accepted standard of care. Next, we need to show the mistake caused additional damage or increased the risk for future harm.

There are no attorney’s fees until we make a recovery. If we accept your medical malpractice case, then we take the risk. You do not pay any fees or costs out of pocket. Our Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys assume all the risk. We are only reimbursed if we make a recovery – this is typically referred to as contingent fee agreement.

Each Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney at our firm takes particular satisfaction in helping Pennsylvania families who suffer birth injuries such as cerebral palsy due to a hospital’s or medical professional’s negligence.

These injuries often require a lifetime of care and expense, which greatly impact the entire family. We have had tremendous success in not only providing financial security for birth injury victims but also support, resources, and information for the entire family in coping and assisting with their child. For more information visit the Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer section of our website.

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Our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers have offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Philadelphia. Our team of compassionate Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers is dedicated to helping medical error injury victims make a full monetary recovery to ease the financial stress that is often associated with significant personal injury.

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