Case Results


Hospital’s delay in doing emergency C-section caused oxygen deprivation leading to severe developmental delays. Child and his family recovered 6 Million.

medical malpractice case


Young girl misdiagnosed with Asthma when she actually had a rare viral infection leading to systemic failure and death. Defendant contested liability and stated that it the symptoms at time of presentation did not indicate a virus.

medical malpractice case


Approximate 1 million dollar settlement after doctor delayed in diagnosing thyroid cancer for several years. Thankfully, our client eventually got the proper medical care and went into remission.

medical malpractice case


5 Million plus for man who who had congenital spinal disease became partially paralyzed after receiving steroid injection in his back.

medical malpractice case


Elderly nursing home resident received over 400,000 after nursing home failed to prevent and treat bed sores that became late stage requiring surgery.

elder abuse case