Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a distressing subject; no matter the type of abuse your loved one has suffered. The decision to call on the services of a nursing home or long care facility is a difficult one. The discovery of abuse by someone you thought you could trust to care for your elderly family member is devastating. Discuss your findings with a Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer to get the ball rolling and protect your loved one.

Many types of abuse are often discovered in nursing homes; physical, emotional, mental, and sexual. These actions that seriously harm and humiliate an innocent shouldn’t go unpunished. It is extremely important to begin the process immediately. Sexual abuse should not be tolerated, particularly in an aided living facility. Your initial consultation with a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer is free and they will work hard to protect the rights of all nursing home residents.

Sexual abuse is detrimental for anyone, but individuals in these homes are unlikely to discuss it openly. If you suspect someone you care about, is being sexually mistreated in a long-term care facility, you can do something right now. Don’t let your loved one suffer needlessly without feeling that they can trust those around them.

Nursing home sexual abuse can take place several forms, including compelled nudity, taking pornographic pictures, coerced viewing of pornographic material, and unwanted erotic acts by workers or other residents. Physical symptoms of elder sexual abuse include things like bruising around breasts, inner thighs, vaginal infections, difficulty in standing or walking, and vaginal bleeding.

Mental indications of elder sexual abuse include things like timid tendencies, withdrawn attitude, unexpected individuality changes, and strange or misplaced responses about erotic tendencies. Unfortunately, some of these symptoms are similar to reactions of some medications and disorders that also affect the elderly.

Elder sexual abuse may arise at any time and must be dealt with swiftly. Sexual abuse often happens when long-term facilities insufficiently staffed and inhabitants are not adequately supervised. Improper staff coaching may promote the extension of abuse if caretakers are unable to understand and observe that elder erotic abuse is developing and handle the problem appropriately.

The mental and physical impairments of some senior nursing home inhabitants may make it problematic for them to protect themselves against sexual abuse. In many instances, sexual predators are able to intimidate their victims in an effort to keep them hushed. Sexual abuse victims may also feel too ashamed or embarrassed to state the abuse they’ve suffered.

Individuals in these homes are often afraid to disclose to being the target of abuse. This fear is often due to the accompanying mental abuse they endure. They may be threatened or otherwise manipulated into keeping the secret of their abuse. Abusers are often repeat offenders and have had practice in their craft.

Many other elderly victims are simply scared of asking for assistance. They often feel that, by discussing their experiences, they would become an undesired emotional burden for their loved ones. For that reason, the family members of inhabitants in treatment amenities must be on the lookout for symptoms of sexual abuse. Whether or not your loved one has revealed any abuse, the symptoms may certainly be there.

Elderly sexual assault victims need the same solutions and interventions that young victims need and receive. Emotional and mental support, medical assistance, safety from the abuser, and legal help must be readily offered. Make sure your loved one knows they can talk to you about anything, including intimate details of wrongdoing, inappropriate touching or mean words. For legal assistance, speak with a medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia.