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At Rosenbaum & Associates our team of nationally recognized lawyers represent clients who have suffered severe injuries from medical malpractice. We are determined to help malpractice victims and their families cope with the suffering and financial difficulties resulting from medical negligence. For over 25 years our law firm has been successfully litigating medical malpractice claims throughout Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and New Jersey.

Was Medical Malpractice Committed?

Malpractice happens when a physician or hospital provides substandard treatment or fails to properly diagnose a patient’s medical condition, and this causes their condition to worsen or results in a new injury. Sometimes medical malpractice is caused by a doctor or hospital's lack thoroughness, such as failing to give the necessary test or performing an incomplete evaluation. However, simply because there was a poor result does not mean there was malpractice. On occasion, medical malpractice is obvious, but in the majority of cases there are complex medical issues, which need to be thoroughly evaluated.

It is important to consult with an experienced and qualified law firm. Many times medical malpractice is not recognized by an attorney because they lack the expertise or fail to consult with the appropriate medical experts.

Proving Your Case

At Rosenbaum & Associates we believe it is critical to evaluate your claim with the best specialists in the field. Often several different medical experts are retained in order to evaluate and substantiate your case. Two elements must be established to pursue a malpractice claim: First, we must prove the doctor's treatment fell below the accepted standard of care. Next we need to show the mistake caused additional damage or increased the risk for future harm.

There are no attorney's fees until we make a recovery. If we accept your medical malpractice case, then we take the risk. You do not pay any fees or costs out of pocket. We are only reimbursed if we make a recovery, this is typically referred to as contingent fee agreement.

Our Philadelphia malpractice lawyers take particular satisfaction in helping Pennsylvania families who suffer birth injuries or cerebral palsy due to a hospital’s or doctor’s negligence. These injuries often require a lifetime of care and expense, which greatly impact the entire family. We have had tremendous success in not only providing financial security for birth injury victims, but also support, resources and information for the entire family in coping and assisting with their child. For more information visit our Pennsylvania Birth Injury Lawyer section of our website.

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Our medical malpractice lawyer group has offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Philadelphia. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to helping personal injury victims make a full monetary recovery to ease the financial stress that is often associated with significant personal injury.

Why Choose Rosenbaum & Associates
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Unlike many firms our lawyers focus on medical malpractice claims. Most law offices handle a variety of legal matters such as personal injury, family law, criminal defense and general business law. Our dedication to the malpractice area allows us to concentrate our energy and resources, and translates into success for our clients.

    For child who suffered brain damage from improper use of forceps.

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